All details regarding paying to be listed under a personal trainer or online coach will be here.

Month to month payment

We offer a price plan of which you can pay your subscription at a monthly fee that just rolls over. When selecting this option you will see that you can cancel it through your member area if you go to subscriptions. The fee will keep coming out your account and you will remain a member until you cancel the subscription. It is not up to PT Near Me to email asking if you would like to cancel nor refund if you leave the subscription running if you are not using the site as marketing.


We also offer a yearly one payment subscription for a lower fee of which will renew every year on the same date. The same rules apply to this pricing plan to the month to month.

Why a fee

You are paying a fee to be listed in the database as a personal trainer or online coach. You will then be listed within your area and the site is solely for marketing purposes of trainers and coaches around the UK. By being listed you will have the potential of being seen by a wider audience from our large traffic levels.

To get listed on the top page of google in your local area is very hard and can take months to years to gain the traffic level to do this. We are instead doing this for you by being a top search in every local area in the UK.

We will also be using the subscription fee to advertise you through Facebook ads to those looking for personal trainers in your area. The more who sign up the more that will be spent on Facebook ads.

How to cancel

Anyone who is a member can go into the login tab at the top right. Once logged in go to the my subscriptions tab and here it will show you what you currently are paying for. From here you can click on that subscription and press cancel.

Payment options

We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal.