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Hi there, my name is Tom. I could go on and tell you about my journey into my health and fitness which turned into my career and how it changed my outlook on life and helped me shape my choice to make a career from it. However, I'll give you the simplified version. It may seem cliché but I love what I do. Nothing brings me greater joy than to push myself and others to the limit and try new things both exercise and diet related.

I'm here for you. That's right. Starting a whole new lifestyle can be daunting and at first seem very difficult. This is where I step in and help you every step of the way. You should never feel alone in whatever obstacles you tackle in life so why should this be any different? Never be afraid to ask for help or advice (after all this is why I'm here).

My journey into my current lifestyle wasn't easy and I do regret not asking for more help along the way, its not just adding exercise and changing nutrition, its daily life choices that make the real difference. It was a mental game for me more than anything. choosing to get up earlier, getting my 10,000 steps in a day and knowing when to say no to poor nutrition choices. its about finding the balance. What works for you to maintain and improve your health will set you up for a strong and positive future. I believe I am twice the man I once was and that's the feeling I want to help you achieve.

So its time to stop procrastinating and start doing. I guarantee you this will be the start of the best version of you. As it was for me.

Thomas Davis
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