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**Liverpool based**

**Currently offering 121 and small group training**

**To enquire about my services, can you please contact me via my Social media @wellmanfitness, email or mobile**

Wellman fitness offers both 121 and online personal training for anyone anywhere! Whether you're looking to lose weight, improve strength or simply improve your overall health, Wellman fitness will work with you to achieve your goals and maximise your potential every step of the way.

Wellman Fitness uses protocols that are fad free and actually work. My advice will probably go against what you have heard before, all the protocols are scientifically based and work, providing you use the protocols consistently.

I am a Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer, NASM Certified and have also attended many different seminars in the last few years from the best in the fitness industry, including Martin MacDonald, Eric Helms, Phil Learney and Alan Aragon.

My role as a trainer is to integrate myself into the client’s life, not for the client to join my programme.

What you can expect from Wellman Fitness:

-Personalised programme that is specific to your lifestyle and goals

-Online support through social media/email check ins

-Progressive and strategic training plans

-Scientifically supported nutrition and training protocols

-Daily/weekly communication to make necessary tweaks

-Recipe book with nearly 200 macro friendly and tasty meals/snacks

-Monthly measurements including before and after photos

-Results without guesswork

-Own app to monitor and track progress

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook @WellmanFitness for more of my content.

**Serious Enquiries Only**

If you have any questions, can you please send me a private message on Facebook or Instagram due to not always getting notifications on here.

Bring a friend offers available

If you pad upfront for 3 months of training and 4 sessions FREE

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