Is there something you want to see added to our system? Add in to the list below and we will bring it up in our next system review meeting this month.

In this page you will see a list below of recent changes we have made to the sign from people reporting errors or improvements we have made to our database and website. There is also a contact form at the bottom of which you can report any changes you would like to see or errors you have noticed from the site that need correcting.


2021 Updates

  • Added a search by goal drop menu - February 

  • Added a certified check box to narrow searches to only those who have uploaded their certificate - February

  • Added a distance calculator - February

  • Updated SEO for all local UK cities, towns and villages - February

  • Correction to google map location (Pin was in the wrong area on maps when free moving). - January

  • Updated database to allow social links to the three major social networks. - January

  • Added a "request more trainers near me" tab for those who have minimal or no trainers in their area - January

2020 Updates

  • Allow automatic location through browser - December

  • Added online coaching tab due to Covid pushing more online - December

  • Allowed Zoom to be linked through on their website address - December